Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Chop

So I have decided to get a fringe and my hairdresser is coming tomorrow so wish me luck!

Today was ok - woke up, watched Veronica Mars, showered, had a fight with sister, did homework, had lunch, went to college. English Language I just spent laughing with and generally distracting Kirsty from her work... One of our English teachers is a complete PATRONISING IDIOT, so don't worry Kirsty! I gave out lots of 'mini cupcakes' because my mum is still practising and we have all eaten too many so I needed to give them to some people haha. A lot of classmates are really surprised when I say:
"Does anyone want a cupcake?"

[one of my mum's cupcakes - delicious!]

Which just goes to show that generosity isn't common anymore...

By the way, is anyone excited for Halloween? I kind of love it. Last year I invited all my new college friends to a mini party and convinced them all that at the end of my living room there was a guy hiding behind my sofa, under the table-tennis table. They believed (mostly because I turned the lights off and said: "It's ok, they're a bit scared - don't come out yet) and it was hilarious. I must be good liar... Here are some photos from last year:

I'm not sure what we're doing this year - maybe going up London? I also want to watch some kind of horror film [I would LOVE to see Nightmare on Elmstreet, for the two simple reasons that it looks good; and it stars Kyle Gallner :p]. It's unfortunate that both Sophie and Ambra will be working :(.

But on to the important stuff: the costume. Last year I was an Evil Widow, the year before a Cat but this year I will [hopefully] be... Cleopatra. If we're going up London we'll be in our coats, so the costume will be simple: decorate just your head. I have my A Level Literature class to thank for my Halloween inspiration - we're currently studying Antony & Cleopatra by Shakespeare.

What are you going as this year?


nicola ticola ponders said...

Oh your mum's cupcake is SO gorgeous! Looks scrumptious!

I'm not excited about what I'm wearing this halloween, more about what I'm going to dress my dog in *gets evil glint in eyes* heehee

nicola xx

Leah said...

Yummy cupcake.

Can't wait to see the fringe. And your fringe will look fabulous in your Cleopatra outfit.