Monday, 19 October 2009

Getting chucked out of a cinema...

Wowee have I been busy! Back to college and thankfully I have half term next week, in which I think I totally deserve it.

On Friday, Kirsty, Ambra, Sophie and I met up with some of the boys they know at college to go see Zombieland. All the guys seem really cool, though us girls were a bit outnumbered [ie 3 girls: 6 boys] but it was a really hilarious night. There was one thing that really annoyed me though: never in my life have the people at the cinema checked my ticket whilst I'm watching the film. I don't know about you but once I'm in I just chuck it at the bottom of the bag and forget about it. Well, suddenly this security guard came up to us and was like:

"Everyone get your tickets out."

Mass panic as we scrambled around in the dark trying to find our tickets. Trust me and Kirsty to have lost ours. We had to go through the embarrassment of walking out of the cinema, down the escalator to the busy cashier desk and the security dude asked the girl if she remembered serving us. Being an idiot she said no. [Totally unfair - if I was working there I would think, Man that has to be cringey and they look like alright girls; I'll just say yes...] Then the security guard patronisingly put a hand on Kirsty's shoulder:
"You seem like nice girls, did you honestly buy a ticket?" To which we irritatedly said yes! I could not believe it - we'd missed at least twenty minutes of the film, had been publicly humiliated and then didn't get an apology. Unfortunately a little too late we both found our tickets after the security guy sauntered off.

However, the night ended well as we went round one of the guys house and laughed a lot (especially kirsty). Phew, what a night!

On Saturday Kirsty and I went to Camden. We both love it there, though haven't been there in ages - not since that fire burnt down the market. I bought a lovely bangle and Kirsty bought a purse and hat. It was incredibly funny, and we made a movie, I just haven't got round to editing it yet, but will show you soon!

After our trip up London, Kirsty came back to mine and we had pizza and laughed hysterically over who knows what! It was sooo funny. We Facebook-stalked; youtubed Kyle (See below); went on webcam to Amy; sung our hearts out to online Karaoke and generally tackled each other to ruin one another's facebook, depending on who was logged on at the time...

Fun times but back to reality: have a media project to get on with and English coursework to finish.

Au Revoir Senoritas!

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Kirsty said...

Loved both of these days; Soooo much fun! I am in the middle of doing the old English Coursework so I shall see you soon dude!
Byeeee :) x x