Friday, 13 November 2009

Cupcake Crazy

Recently my mum has started a cupcake business and it's been cupcake-crazy all day everyday! Today she made 100 cupcakes (i sampled two... you know, just to check...).

Do I hear bells? Yes, I do and they're just around the corner: Christmas is almost here and the lady in question has asked for 'anything Cupcake'. Seen anything 'cupcakey' which I could get my mum for Christmas?

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Oddest Thing Of the Week

More 'The Thing That Made Me Laugh This Week'.
You gotta love Heidi Seeker's creativity.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Legendary Night

Greg invited us to his house for a party because his parents were away and it was SUCH a fun night :). We danced, we sang, we helped bully a smoker [ok, admittedly I was the one who stamped on his cigarette... but I saved a life, right?] ...

Overall, these photos say it all:

[This is the guy whose house it was. Sorry not very good english haha]

Sunday, 25 October 2009

It's a little late

But here it is. Yes, the clocks went back last night and suddenly it's getting darker earlier. So let's reminisce of those summer days by taking a look at the second day of Kirsty and my trip to Center Parcs, which I have just got round to editing/finishing. Enjoy.

Unfortunately I couldn't embed the video, so here's the link.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oddest Thing Of the Week

This furry fella is the WorryWoolie and is actually a notebook.

But not just any notebook, ooh no. This sure-to-shed cutesy has a purpose: it's 40 leaves of paper is there so you can write your worries down during the day!

Cool? I think so...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Getting chucked out of a cinema...

Wowee have I been busy! Back to college and thankfully I have half term next week, in which I think I totally deserve it.

On Friday, Kirsty, Ambra, Sophie and I met up with some of the boys they know at college to go see Zombieland. All the guys seem really cool, though us girls were a bit outnumbered [ie 3 girls: 6 boys] but it was a really hilarious night. There was one thing that really annoyed me though: never in my life have the people at the cinema checked my ticket whilst I'm watching the film. I don't know about you but once I'm in I just chuck it at the bottom of the bag and forget about it. Well, suddenly this security guard came up to us and was like:

"Everyone get your tickets out."

Mass panic as we scrambled around in the dark trying to find our tickets. Trust me and Kirsty to have lost ours. We had to go through the embarrassment of walking out of the cinema, down the escalator to the busy cashier desk and the security dude asked the girl if she remembered serving us. Being an idiot she said no. [Totally unfair - if I was working there I would think, Man that has to be cringey and they look like alright girls; I'll just say yes...] Then the security guard patronisingly put a hand on Kirsty's shoulder:
"You seem like nice girls, did you honestly buy a ticket?" To which we irritatedly said yes! I could not believe it - we'd missed at least twenty minutes of the film, had been publicly humiliated and then didn't get an apology. Unfortunately a little too late we both found our tickets after the security guy sauntered off.

However, the night ended well as we went round one of the guys house and laughed a lot (especially kirsty). Phew, what a night!

On Saturday Kirsty and I went to Camden. We both love it there, though haven't been there in ages - not since that fire burnt down the market. I bought a lovely bangle and Kirsty bought a purse and hat. It was incredibly funny, and we made a movie, I just haven't got round to editing it yet, but will show you soon!

After our trip up London, Kirsty came back to mine and we had pizza and laughed hysterically over who knows what! It was sooo funny. We Facebook-stalked; youtubed Kyle (See below); went on webcam to Amy; sung our hearts out to online Karaoke and generally tackled each other to ruin one another's facebook, depending on who was logged on at the time...

Fun times but back to reality: have a media project to get on with and English coursework to finish.

Au Revoir Senoritas!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Verdict


PS. Am SO excited to see this!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Chop

So I have decided to get a fringe and my hairdresser is coming tomorrow so wish me luck!

Today was ok - woke up, watched Veronica Mars, showered, had a fight with sister, did homework, had lunch, went to college. English Language I just spent laughing with and generally distracting Kirsty from her work... One of our English teachers is a complete PATRONISING IDIOT, so don't worry Kirsty! I gave out lots of 'mini cupcakes' because my mum is still practising and we have all eaten too many so I needed to give them to some people haha. A lot of classmates are really surprised when I say:
"Does anyone want a cupcake?"

[one of my mum's cupcakes - delicious!]

Which just goes to show that generosity isn't common anymore...

By the way, is anyone excited for Halloween? I kind of love it. Last year I invited all my new college friends to a mini party and convinced them all that at the end of my living room there was a guy hiding behind my sofa, under the table-tennis table. They believed (mostly because I turned the lights off and said: "It's ok, they're a bit scared - don't come out yet) and it was hilarious. I must be good liar... Here are some photos from last year:

I'm not sure what we're doing this year - maybe going up London? I also want to watch some kind of horror film [I would LOVE to see Nightmare on Elmstreet, for the two simple reasons that it looks good; and it stars Kyle Gallner :p]. It's unfortunate that both Sophie and Ambra will be working :(.

But on to the important stuff: the costume. Last year I was an Evil Widow, the year before a Cat but this year I will [hopefully] be... Cleopatra. If we're going up London we'll be in our coats, so the costume will be simple: decorate just your head. I have my A Level Literature class to thank for my Halloween inspiration - we're currently studying Antony & Cleopatra by Shakespeare.

What are you going as this year?

Monday, 12 October 2009


Just another Manic Monday, I wish it was a Sunday...

For some very strange reason when Kirsty and I were queuing up for our Cervical-Cancer-Vaccination-Needle-Scary-Hurt-Thing we got very hyper. I think the nerves turned into Adrenalin which kind of made us cackle hysterically at absolutely nothing as we waited to get a needle stabbed into our arm. One of the girls in front of us was crying, the rest were pretty silent.

When it got to my turn I was quite ok except for the fact that in the chair next to me (shielded by what looked like a blue cardboard wall) was a girl crying heavily and generally hyperventilating, all of which I could hear. Suddenly the -very young I might add- woman said: "Ok.. Now it's over". It literally stung for like 2 seconds and I was like: "Woop that's it!". Then I marched to the chairs like the brave little soldier that I am.

It has ached all day, but apart from that, it was fine. Just another two to go! Yay.

So to anyone who is getting it done soon -or any other injection- it's absolutely fine. Also, you get sympathy from people (ie got home and was given a cupcake mix bowl to lick) which is always good when you haven't really done anything.

Also, feel free to sharply pinch any male form in the area for being the gender that doesn't have to go through as much pain as us sturdy ladies.

Girl Power!

[too gay...?]

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Have had such a busy week! Went round Kirsty's yesterday and it was hilarious. We spent pretty much the whole day on the laptop looking at funny videos/ dribbling over celeb crushes (btw have found a replacement for Topher Grace - Kyle Gallner. :p) We ate chocolate muffins and then tried to take a photo of ourselves doing a Herbal Essences hair flip. Don't ask why - I don't even know!

Tomorrow all us lucky ladies at college get our HPV jabs. Yay! Injections. Not. I'm ok with needles etc; it's just the waiting around for it that I hate.

Ooh, and I have decided to get a fringe. I know, I know. I'll probably grow it out, but what the hell - you only live once, right? [Ok, don't really know how this justifies why I should get a haircut, but whatever...] Will take some photos after Thursday to show you how it turns out (fingers crossed).

On a side note, am currently watching this:
Now I usually love College Humor. But this is just harsh (still made me laugh though!)

Monday, 5 October 2009

To fringe or not to fringe?

Also known as 'bangs' to you super cool Americans, I am forming a decision.

I may get a fringe!

*alert* *alert*

Here's the story***. I have battled with this inner urge to get a fringe all my freaking life, having had one cut in (slowly followed by strenuous exercises of trying to grow it out) about 4 or 5 times in my life. Even my hair dresser is starting to wonder if I'm some kind of hair-scizophrenic... [haha! Take that english coursework - I just used a hyphenated adjective even though I didn't need to..]

I'm currently sick of my hair. I feel like I'm starting to look like one of those grunge type drummers that have curtains as their chosen look... So I want something different. Seeing as though a side fringe accentuates my hamster cheeks [so I'm skinny everywhere else - how does having chubba -yes chubba- cheeks make sense?] I thought - why not get a full but light not heavy fringe put in?

But then my face gets shiny quick so will grease my hair quicker. AHHHH - dilemma!!!

So to fringe or not to fringe?? TELL ME THE ANSWER.

so y'all know I'll get a fringe anyway and will totally hate it..

*** = of a lovely lady, with 3 lovely girls of blonde hair... or something of that sort - bonus points if you guess what theme tune I was trying to remember...

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I'll be there for you

Yesterday I had a really great day with the family. Me, my sister, her boyfriend, my parents and my grandparents set off early on the train up to taste a little New York in London...

After an hour and a half (!) of queueing outside the infamous coffee shop, we finally entered the legendary Central Perk. I loved it!! It was a precise replica of the one in New York and I got a Moccachino. I had my first ever coffee in Central Perk - how brilliant is that statement? All the props (e.g. the Turkey head that Joey/ Monica wore; Mock-o-late that Monica had to try and come up with a new recipe; the list for choosing Rachel by Ross; Rachel's bridesmaid dress etc) were in glass cabinets to stare in wonder at.

It was really only me, Brooke and Paul who could appreciate it fully - being crazy Friends fans. Yet we all had a brilliant time - especially sitting on the orange couch which you just *sunk* in to. Totally want to buy a replica when I'm older!

Once leaving the cosy cafe and being brought back to reality via the cold weather, we cruised down Carnaby Street and walked up to this Starbucks stall that were giving out free coffees and muffins!! Absolute heaven. Grabbed a GIANT blueberry muffin (my second ever, totally in love with them now), I relaxed on my cab home and munched...

Haha only joking - this cab was unfortunately not my ride home, instead it was next to the stall to advertise the New York Swap. Apparently this month, New York and London are swapping shops in the form of Pop-up shops so you can taste a little bit of the famous cities on opposite sides of the world... am totally going back. [Am sorry - am still totally impressed by the free muffin.]

We dawdled on to the Back Show. Doesn't sound as fun, right? We almost nabbed a free massage but other than that we tried not to get coaxed into a half hour sales pitch by all the assistants. [Thankfully we managed to find a way to sort my back out. Can't remember what it's called but am booking an appointment. Just in case you didn't know I have mild scoliosis of the spine + hypermobility. Which basically equals a back that gets sore quickly and clicks a lot!]

Our last stop was a trip to the Museum of Childhood, which was a lot of fun as me and Brooke looked at all the old toys we used to have. Also, there was a punch and judy theatre you could step in, some crazy mirrors, a jukebox and a wooden police car! A lot of fun.

Had a really great day, and already I want to go back to Central Perk [btw if you live in London there's only 3 days left of it and then it shuts so get there quick!]. Although I would much prefer to go to the one in New York. *Sigh*...

Winners this week...

Ok, so I have to do a major bit of coursework today so this will only be a short post stating the winners of the KeyCap competition...

1. Kirsty
2. adubbskthx
3. Erika
4. yiqin
5. daisychain

Well done to Daisy Chain - the Key Cap will be sent to you very soon.

Look out for next week's competition some day next week haha. And my review of Central Perk ...

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A little bit stressed

After three weeks of going back to college, suddenly all the work is piling up. I'm reading three books, doing 'mini-essays' here, there and everywhere; and 10 page pieces of coursework's deadlines are only in two days!

I need to calm it, Kermit. I feel a bit all over the place: I still feel really ill and not quite right. I'm blundering through all my lessons and just about sticking to homework due dates. I just feel so tired. Gawd almighty - it must be winter!

I'm just looking forward to the weekend. To relax. I'm only 17 and seem to have a very hectic life. [Which is, by the way, not what my sister thinks: "Wait til you get in the REAL world, Madison..."] But talking of Brooke, yesterday my 21 year old sister came home from work and stated that she already had my christmas present. She said it was expensive and I would love it. I instantly asked:
"Tickets to America?"
To which that got a snort, rolling of eyes and a statement of: "Not that expensive!"
Well, a girl can keep on dreaming...

So, the next big thing: Halloween!! What's everyone got planned? My friend Dawn has a second home near the sea front, so we're hoping that we'll be able to have a spooky sleepover round there. All she needs is the permission of her Minister Halloween-hating mother. Hmm.

PS, don't forgot to enter this week's competition!! See the post below ;)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Competition Time!

** As long as you have a blogspot account and you follow me via that I can contact you through there so don't worry ;) **

So whilst I am slowly getting better from my horrible cold I have achieved two things today. Firstly - another competition; secondly bought something on eBay for Dawn's pink party. It's a really nice pink shiny top, and you'll just have to be patient for 20th December to see it. (I know, I know, it is so far ahead but I like to be organised.)

Just found out via email today that I have literature homework due in tomorrow, so have to do that still. I also still haven't had any advice on my English Language coursework, which means I have only done a paragraph. The first draft = due in next week. Eeek, much?