Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I overuse the word Inspiration too much but

I can't help it!! At the moment EVERYTHING is inspiring me to be more free and creative. I'd like to thank Kirsty for reintroducing me (and pressuring me haha) to the blogging world. Blogs are so amazing - it's like looking into people's diaries and seeing their hidden thoughts that maybe they wouldn't have said in day to day world. I started up a blog last year (it was rubbish!!) because I wanted to vent my frustrations anonymously and be all clever and charming without the embarrassment of people knowing it was me.

But I think it's good to go openly into the blogging world, so you can actually meet some interesting people who are only on here to do what you do - vent. And that venting has got me so inspired - especially as I've been talking to some great people lately, who have so many interesting things to say. When you look into another person's world, their perspective could change your mind because they may have a way of thinking different from your own. Your world becomes more 3D with the knowledge that there are people who are also out there with their own opinions and it's not just you in a Truman-esque world.

So I'd like to say thank you. You are all an - and I know I overuse this word but what the hell - inspiration :)


adubbskthx said...

yay! haha i agree blogging has become an addiction!

i nominated you for an award on my blog chica! check it.

adubbskthx said...

I'm studying at Oxford for a semester.

Rogue said...

I've tagged you for something special on my last blog :) go have a peek! Xx