Saturday, 22 August 2009

Kirsty is going to actually kill me after this but...

I had the most random day yesterday avec Kirsty and Ambra. First me and Lamb 1 went to Sainsburys and decided our lunch was going to be uber [note - do people still use that word... or should it stay in the 90's?] healthy. So we picked a vegetable pizza, a salad (which in the end had VERY weird crutons in it) and a fruit salad. It only cost us about £2.30 each! Woop for cheap supermarket food.

After cooking (mostly Kirsty) and Ambra arriving we spent the best part of 5 hours on the internet and laughing like maniacs. Then, whilst having dinner we watched She's the Man. [incidently, if anyone wants this film renacted Ambra and Kirsty are the ones to call - they know EVERY line!! haha, in the end I learnt one - 'naked!'. Yay I feel special]. Then suddenly Kirsty states:

"Why don't we renact the film?" After me and Ambra swap confused glances she continues: "I don't mind being made into a man." You didn't have to tell us twice!! We tackled her into a chair and dressed her as a man. And then, feeling a little left out in the makeover stakes Kirsty then cried: " Let's all have make-overs." Ambra got turned into a Goth haha. [I do NOT know what Kirsty was trying to do - I had the right side of her face and was trying to make it 'pretty goth'. Then Kirsty comes along with the eyeshadow and literally drops the pot on half of ambra's face. So then I decided to write EMO on her forehead.]

Then it was my turn. These two girls should NEVER N E V E R N-E-V-E-R become make-up artists. As ambra stabbed me to death in the eye with mascara, Kirsty took it apon herself to make me into a CHAV. And then Ambra joined in. I don't think I have ever had that much make-up on in my life. Stuffing a pillow up my top and using Kirsty's hats for boobs, I was ready for photos. NEVER show these to anybody important people...

"Better go get your Llama, get your llama, get your llama, get your Llama". Listen to Battlefield by Jordin Sparks and you'll get this joke.

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Amanda Atkins said...

Hahaha, those pictures are too funny. You guys always look like you have so much fun!!