Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Last night was my first ever time seeing anything remotely scary at the cinema (I usually wait for the dvd... smaller screens are safer!). Haha, and what a film to pick to see for your first horror.
I figured - it has a 15 certifcate, and I'm 17. Surely I'd be fine...

It was pretty damn creepy - but I think the music was the worst. At the beginning I was like: "right, I know the first 20minutes is all going to be hunky-dory.. so i can kind of pace myself." OMG the first scene put me off giving birth so badly.

ie: woman pregnant, in labour at the hospital... weird nurse pushes her in a push chair. Woman looks down and she is leaking LUMPS of blood on the floor behind her. It is truly gross. Me, Ambra, Dawn and Debra are already covering our faces with our hands!! It cuts to a surgery scene and the nurse says: "You may feels some tugging and ripping..." urgh and the sound effects!! It's a squelching mess and suddenly the nurse says: "Wait! You're baby is alive!" and she holds out this baby. The baby is grotesque - blood and guts and lumps dripping off it and squealing and the mum is screaming and-
And then the mum wakes up. This is only the first scene!!

Don't get me wrong, it's a really clever film - with an incredible twist. Not for the faint hearted. [Although the big screen and surround sound made it worse...] I just loved how all four of us girls s-l-o-w-l-y sunk down in our cinema seats and our hands covered our faces... Me and Ambra kept laughing cos we kept jumping at EVERYTHING (yes, even the fridge door closing got me jumping!). I thought I would be a nervous wreck by the time I got out of there...

I have to say the little girl who plays the Orphan is INCREDIBLE. She plays a nine year old but I have just found out she is only twelve in real life. The stuff she has to do!! OMG. I also like the way the movie plays on horror cliches. Like, when you have a view of the door and you know when they close the door someone is going to be standing behind it? Well, the music implies so.. and then there is nothing. And then when you least suspect it, little Esther is watching.

Please go see it - if only once! I just thank gawd that even though we went to an evening performance, it was light outside when we got out.

Though it didn't help I went back to a dark house and my dad answered the door saying:

"There's something wrong with Esther..."

Not amused.

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