Friday, 7 August 2009

Where has all the Sun gone?

I've had another incredible week avec my friends. We went to Greenich, which was really fun. We walked around the shops (though there wasn't many) and then walked for aaaaaages trying to find Pizza Hut down these really dodgy streets. Soon we found it though and it was DELICIOUS. Just thinking about it now makes me hungry :(.

But lets move away from food shall we? After lunch we went on a BOAT along the Thames. It was really cool (although I honestly thought it would be a speed boat. Darn it.). Meanwhile, throughout the day, me and Ambra were trying to remember the tune of 'Never Forget'. It was so frustrating!! Ambra even phoned her sister up, and even after she hummed it to us. It took good old Sophie to get her iPhone out and youtube it. We couldn't stop singing it after that and vowed to learn the whole song (on reflection and after reading the lyrics it is a bloody long and complicated song. I'm just learning the chorus :)). After a starbucks we joggled off home and I got a lift with Dawn in her groovy Hello Kitty car.

On Wednesday me, ambra, kirsty, dawn and megan went to see the new Harry Potter film. It was really good. It was pretty funny because I was sitting next to Kirsty (remember the really big Rupert Grint fan??) and she was just in her own little paradise (unless the actresses went anywhere near him in which she had a murderous look in her eye...) and also we took everything that Dumbledore said the wrong way. ("take my arm, Harry.." "Have you got a girlfriend, Harry?") It was pretty damn funny.

Thursday I literally sat in the garden (in the SUN - omg can you believe it??) and read the rest of Confessions of a Shopoholic. Really good and easy book to read. Really enjoyable, deffo recommended. My mum was experimenting with cupcakes as well, so as the chief taster I ate 7. Yes. I know. [In case you're interested: 4 cinammon and apple ones, 3 chocolate ones and a hell of a lot of bowl licking ;)).

Tonight I'm off to the fairground with my mates and I can't wait!! I'm a wimp on any kind of ride though so I'll mostly be eating candyfloss.


Anonymous said...

I loved the new HP

adubbskthx said...

reading your entries make me super excited to leave for england :)