Saturday, 1 August 2009

A long weekend :)

Yesterday was an incredibly long day, and so will this weekend be - just because I have so much packed into each day.

My mum was cooking all day, making homemade everything from cupcakes to sausage rolls (and it was all freaking delicious!) for when my dad's cousins came round. It was going to be a day full of eight ladies sitting in the sunshine (!) eating. It was so funny - especially when my mum got the hula hoops out and my dad's aunt had a go! Everyone also had a go on my mum's motorized horse. Please don't ask. It was sooo funny - just because they had never seen anything like it!

After they all went home (not before giving me a box of Rose :P), me and Brooke went to the big shopping centre which is half an hour away. It took us and hour and a half in the end, as there was so much traffic on the motorway. But it was the perfect day to be stuck in traffic, because the skies were an incredible blue and we were surrounded by impossibly yellow cornfields. Brooke was singing along like mad to the radio (radio 1 of course), and when we finally got moving she screamed "WOOO HOO!" out the window, and all these men in the van next shouted back haha. [there was also an incident where I ended up writing 'I want to take you to a gay bar' on a sheet of paper and putting it on the window... we were bored ok? And it's a pretty cool song!]

Brooke treated me to this really incredible Cameo ring [pictures later] from River Island and also to dinner - I had some pasta called :"Nice and cheesy" and omg it was delicious. When we sat down to eat we noticed this little toddler in a pushchair sucking on the corner of the table quite cheerfully whilst her parents ate their meal blissfully unaware of their daughter's antics. It was so cute!!

When we both got home we were immensely tired, but Brooke had to go and pick my parent's up from the Station, as they had gone to a Next modelling competition and were 5 metres away from Alesha Dixon. I instead had a hot chocolate in bed whilst watching a Lee Evans DVD.

Today I got up at the crack of dawn to walk around a junksale and bought Mathilda on DVD, I love that film!! I also bought a polkadot dress for a £1 which I might be wearing tonight... Because I'm going to see Take That the Musical tonight haha. Should be excellent :). AND THEN tomorrow I have my grandparents coming round. Geez I'm too busy!!.

Btw all the pictures shown are from my ebay, which you can check out here or you can just click on them!


Anonymous said...

love your sunnies!

Laila Of Course! said...

Oh, your day sounds like it was absolutely fabulous!! And that toddler sounds simply adorable. :)
I'm having a giveaway so enter!
Be sure and pop by & leave a note & follow. It would really make my day! :)


yiqin; said...

Ah the frames are rad.