Saturday, 8 August 2009

Yay I love mini Theme Parks :)

Oh my freaking gawd yesterday was one of my funnest nights EVER!! As promised we went to our closest theme park. (which only has one upside down rollercoaster, hence why I loved it so much). Dawn drove us in her groovy Hello Kitty car and all 5 squashed in to sing our hearts out (ok, it was mostly me in my 'strangling-a-cat-like' voice.) on the motorway. As we got nearer I -ahem- waved to the people in the car behind us who were not unsimilar to The Brady Bunch as they all waved back to Kirsty's embarrassment. I'm happy to say that I went on every single ride (bar two which were tooo crazy :)) and had a fabulous time. We ate chips on the beach front, sang our hearts out all over the park and generally had fun times. We also got randoms come up to us [see above] and take/star in one our photos. We have no idea who they were but it was pretty hilarious. Afterwards I found a photo of a random bloke on my camera!! Good times. It was so fun as we ran from one rollercoaster to another singing, taking photos and sccreaaming. In fact, you don't have to imagine it - The video will be posted shortly. .. watch this space :) Madison


Amanda Atkins said...

I love the video!! so fun.

Kirsty said...

I love this video! :) The end bit still sounds like a christmas song! :) Love it :)

I had such a nice time last night, thank you for coming round to watch films and to sort out Center Parcs! I can't wait! Wooooo!

Have lovely Sunday and I'll see you tomorrow for our trip to Lakeside :)

~Kirsty x