Monday, 3 August 2009


I've never really been a fan of Take That - I've got nothing against them, I've just liked other music. In fact, I'm more of a fan of their newer stuff and am happy they've made it big again and left Robbie Williams to sulk wherever he may be sulking behind.

When my parents bought me tickets to see Take That the Musical [called 'Never Forget'] I was sceptical, though excited: who doesn't like musicals?? We drove down to the theatre and it was teeming with females - from kiddies to wrinklies and everthing in between. [There were also some blokes who looked liked they'd been dragged along for the party - including my dad... haha]

[Barry from eastenders wasn't in the one I went to, but the two guys on the right were. The one on the far right was hilarious. He was a stripper who kept getting his clothes off, and wasn't the brightest haha. Turned out he was gay lol!!]

And now I'm in love with all the old songs!! [as well as the guy who played the geeky one - he was soooo cute. why do I always go for the geeks - every other lady out there was going googly for the torso of one particular muscly guy, who happened to be playing the gay one!] Seriously, it was brilliant !! I can't rate it enough - from the explosive dance moves to the effects - it's raining at one point [I know - on the stage] and then in the rain it spelt out 'Never Forget' - it was incredible. Seriously - go see it now :).

The video below is of the musical when it first came out, and let me just say - the one I went to see was a lot better [no offense], with better looking actors. But still, you get the idea:


Anonymous said...

cute dress!

Kirsty said...

'Never Forget'! Been stuck in my head all last night haha! :)
Glad you had a nice time!


P.S. Theres a fun little blog award for you over at Giggly-Cupcake today! :)