Sunday, 16 August 2009

New favourite sport: star gazing...

I've had a truly magnificent week... But let me give you a catch-up of what I haven't blogged about yet... Thursday: MEOW! Kirsty, Debra and myself went to London (I know, again) and had a great day. We were going to go to Portobello market but were embarrassed to see that it wasn't actually on. I feel we subtly got out of the situation by doing a sharp turn back to the station. We had a picnic in the sunny St James Park, visited some soldiers at Buckingham Palace for Kirsty, went to Covent Garden and generally shopped... Friday: I'm starting a project this month which will be revealed shortly (sssh Kirsty - it's a secret :), and for the project I did a photoshoot avec Ambra. See a sample of the photos I took below. The best are kept for the project. On this note would just like to wish Ambra a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as she is 17 today! [Thanks to Dawn, Debra and Kirsty for being my helpers for the day... but they didn't get nothing for their work - have an eyeball at the cupcakes my mum made for us!] For the shoot, I used my Grandads super groovy expensive and brilliant camera, and got all artsy with the butterflies...[I took over 50] and my friends... Saturday afternoon/evening Kirsty came round and as we had the house to ourselves cooked some dinner. We got hungry after gossiping in the garden in the sunshine and decided to create a pizza. After getting very confused with the base mix, suddenly Kirsty was kneading away at the dough like she'd been doing it all her life. We guesstimated (correctly) the oven and crap and soon were decorating the pizza with tomato puree, lots of cheese (which melted easily because we forgot to let it cool after it came out the oven. Woops), slices of tomato and DELICIOUS mozzarella. We forgot to read the instructions again as it said you had to have all the toppings away from the edge, so we got major meltage... I think we needed to have rolled out the dough more as well as the toppings were piled quite high. I totally misjudged the time to cook the pizza so we ended up having cold pasta as well. Oh, AND I forgot that the grated cheese was meant for the pasta as well as the pizza, so I cut a cheese slice into bits and put it on top of the pizza... And you know what? It was delicious! Well done to me and Kirsty for surviving on our own. Whilst watching Stuck on You, we decided to play a really dated board game... Just Seventeen Kiss Chase, to see who our dates would have been in 1995...

It was actually pretty hilarious in the end, as we made up our own theme tune for all of the cards "Uh-ooooh!" and "It's question timeee!".

It was a beautiful evening so went into the garden and played Badminton whilst singing, making up own lyrics and then played Croquet. Which turned into an assault course ('James Bonding' it over the sunbed, high knees, jump, pose for the camera, throw pegs, sunbathe, jump and then High Five...). It was so fun and funny!!! Haha, that doesn't make sense but you get what I mean.

It had suddenly turned dark and so we lay on the sunbeds and gazed up into the sky. After having a toilet break and getting some jumpers ("Lamb 1! Lamb 1! Meet back in the garden!") we pushed the sunbeds to the back of the garden, and truly stargazed as it was almost pitch black in the garden. We played the game: "I've never..." [e.g. the example was "I've never fancied a ginger." which is of course "False!". Rupert Grint fan, remember?]. It was a brilliant night (not without drama - we ran out the front as I had spotted a Flare go up in the sky a few streets back, closely followed by a fire engine, police cars and helicopters!! Never found out the real story...) and it was such a perfect 'summer' night.

Sorry for such the long post but so much as happened!! haha :)

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