Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Bowling and Pizza Hut haha...

Hello, fellow bloggers. Have had a good day today - we met up with our old Secondary School friends Joe and Ricky. It was a very funny day, as us girls won at bowling (predictably. Oh and Ambra won btw).

We discussed what we were going to dress up as for my 18th (in January but I'm letting everyone know in advance so they can get a super groovy costume.) I am going as Miss America - in a top hat and tutu dress, cos I generally love America. My party theme is fancy dress BUT you have to dress up as something beginning with 'M'. [My names madison for all you slow people haha ;)). So you could come as Mario, Minnie Mouse, Madonna, The Mask, A marshmallow, Marmite, Map...etc the list is endless!! We also watched a man behind us bowl really funnily. You know how Fred Flinstone bowls?? Well, it's crazier than that.

We then went onto Pizza Hut and it was hilarious. Can't even remember what we spoke about it was really funny. We have also decided that Ricky, Joe and Dawn are going to form a band and I am going to be their official band journalist :P. Hehe.

Oh and for Kirsty's birthday we are going to dress up in ginger wigs and freckles. [REMEMBER: she loves Rupert Grint!!]. Oh, and guess what? Kirsty is deliriously happy as Ricky revealed today that he has had McDonalds with Rupert Grint and his cousin (and RG owes Ricky a £1!!). Ricky speaks to RG's cousin. I am going to try to get Ricky to get Rupert Grint's cousin to get Rupert Grint to turn up to Planet Hollywood on Kirsty's birthday. I'd be so happy for her!! Anyhoo after getting very confused when paying for Pizza Hut, we decided to go across the parking lot to Pets at home and looked at all the cute furry animals. I heart guinea pigs, never had one. I think I might be allergic to their fur, because my mum is allergic to them, and we are both together allergic to cat hair.

We then bopped over to MotherCare World, and suddenly Ambra shoved a cardigan up her dress and she was pregnant!! Apparently, the twilight CHARACTER Edward was the father and the baby was Edward Junior. We didn't go in in the end, but spent about 2 hours outside of Mothercare World chatting.

It was weird that we had only left school last year but we were reminiscing about the good ole days like we hadn't been there for 20 years. It was nice seeing Ricky and Joe again - they don't change AT ALL - as we used to see them everyday when we were at school.
Overall a fabulous day, old chaps.

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adubbskthx said...

can i come if rupert will be there haha

i'd seriously die.

xo amanda