Sunday, 27 September 2009

And the winner is...

Random Number Generator:
1. Erika
2. Leah
3. Kirsty
4. Daisy Chain

[Ricky you weren't included cos you didn't say the magic phrase: "I heart the 80's". If other peeps think this is unfair, don't worry I know this 'Melon Head' and I'm sure he didn't want the sunglasses haha ;)]

So well done Leah!!

I will get in contact with you shortly.

Meanwhile, I am afraid that I am really rather ill at the moment. Anyone got the cure for the commmon cold yet? All I need is a little rest, so will get back to blogging properly soon, and will even set another competition!!


Anonymous said...

Darn. I really wanted those Glasses too, they really brought out the darkness of my unshaven face... =[

Oh well, when I tour America as a famous Musician, I know a certain someone who won't be invited along on an all-expenses-paid trip ;)

Leah said...

Thank you. This is the first ever competition I won. I'll email you the details in a while. Hugs!

daisychain said...

I'm ill too :(

Colds suck, I find lots of hot (not toooo hot) tea, long baths and plenty of sleep helps!