Friday, 4 September 2009

Five for Friday

Inspired by - Five for Friday. Not only is it alliterative, but it also gets my latest obsessions of my chest!

1. Adventureland
I've watched some clips on youtube and just find it fascinating for some reason. I really want to see it. I think it's my interest with the not-so-distant past, whether it be how they acted, what they wore or what they did. I'm also a sucker for an independent film.

2. College Clothing
If only Forever 21 didn't have ridiculous postage charges to the UK...

3. Lemon Curd
With toast. The newest fashion in breakfast - totally surpassing banana's on toast.

4. Jamie Oliver's American Roadtrip
Ahh, my obsession with America is quenched with this little cookery programme. Sure Jamie Oliver annoys me a bit, but he inspired me to get his book to learn to cook. I just need to open it and soon 'creative culinary skills' can be added to my resume.

5. Knee High Socks
Cos sometimes you just wanna geek out.
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