Sunday, 6 September 2009

In love with life

Sometimes I am so happy with life. It is so simple and incredible and beautiful. I love the feeling of being alive, and having the freedom to do absolutely anything. My dad once said to me: "Achieve the impossible."

And you know what? I think I will.


daisychain said...

this post made me smile =)

Kirsty said...

Ohh I like the video! :) It's very fun and the clothes I am in love with! :)

I can't wait for Tuesday! I will be buying quite a lot of stuffs ;) hehe.

Is it bad that song reminds me of Christmas? :s lol.

~ Kirsty x

Amanda Atkins said...

I think that's what being a writer feels like. You will make an excellent writer. :)

Lilee said...

aww that is just great!

sexylegsandbody said...

A lovely blog you have here! Love your pics, and believe me, becoming a writer is even tougher than you think. but you are young, and you should still have lots of stamina left, so go for it. Have a nice day.