Monday, 7 September 2009

Madi's Mahoosive Clear Out

I'm sick of my clothes. So I'm getting rid of them. 10 items a day til I can afford a new wardrobe. Take your pick here.


Don't forget to enter the mini competition - the prize for this is for me to do a blog entry about your blog! However, if this is popular enough I will be giving away an actual brilliant object next time. You have til wednesday.

worrying thought:I've had two dreams now where I have been with my friends and we're just about to get the train somewhere. But I know that the particular train we're about to get on is going to blow up, so I persuade them to grab the next one. Each time I save my friends and myself only, and watch as others around get on the train. Each time the train blows up. I've been somewhere different in both dreams, with different scenarios [ie the first time I was told by someone, the second time I 'had a feeling' and my friends believed me].

What does this mean? I've tried to disect it myself - maybe I subconsiously want to save my friends and I from doing something, because it's been bad for other people? I don't know... give me your thoughts.

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Kirsty said...

I had a fabulouzo time yesterday thank you dude! :)
I watched '13 going on 30' today and now my head is full of 80s songs (some from yesterday :)

Do you want to meet before college tomorrow? Usual bus stop?

Btw... I see you are trying to buy a new closet of clothes! This means we can go shopping soon :) hehe x

~ Kirsty x