Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lots of Birthday Invitations

Today I recieved two birthday invites: one for Dawn's party and one for Kirsty's [or at least I think so: Kirsty I think you sent it to my mum by mistake. I took it that it was meant for me, right?]

I'm excited for both - for both 18ths we are going in a limo up to London. Two limos in two months: not bad right?

There's only one problem, and that's with Dawn's party. Her theme is 'pink' and we have to wear accordingly. And guess what?

Yup, I know, how awkward am I? But I tend to stick to my favourite black clothing. Looking at my wardrobe is like looking into a black hole. My favourite colour is red, I think it suits me, and there are an assortment of different colours in there. But I don't wear pink.

So now I'm struggling to find a dress that is pink and that I'm going to wear again. Something that isn't too nauseating but still consists of something that actually is pink. I need help.

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of Zooey Deschanel, and I especially love her fashion. But it seems she shares my aversion to the difficult colour too:

However, I did find this one outfit in which she wears pink and LOVE it:

Ahh, has anyone seen anything similar anywhere?


Rogue said...

Try asos! You can search in style of celebrity as I'm sure you'll already know. Also colour, price range, etc etc! Works best for me when I'm shopping online and kinda know what I'm looking for but still kinda dont... good luck! :) x

Amanda Atkins said...

I love Zooey!
These aren't a perfect match, but they are pink and black mixed with some other colors, too (and they're very affordable):

Jazz said...

I think this pink skirt is very "zooey"

It's similar to the white skirt she is wearing in one of your pictures , but in pink! xxx

Jazz said...

Hello again! :p
well this is similar :

it' quite cute , it'll go well with a round collared blouse and black tights .
:D xx

Shopaholic said...

I was going to say try ASOS or topshop... but peeps have already said that.
Hope you find something!

daisychain said...

Couldn't you just accessorize with pink?