Saturday, 5 September 2009

Holy Shitzu, what colour are Ambra's eyes?!

All of last night and continuing today I have been photoshopping for my little project (sssh Kirsty). Ambra is the main photo for this project and I was busy youtubing tutorials all night to get the perfect image.

Then this morning I looked at the photoshopped image I'd worked on all night and thought something looked quiet funny with Ambra. Observe:

Now if you know her, or have seen her in some of my photos already, you'll realise that her EYES AREN'T GREEN. I couldn't believe I'd made such a fatal mistake! I cursed myself for working when I was tired.

I figured out the problem though - when I was brightening her eyes I had to zoom in a LOT and the photo became a little pixelated. All I could see was a black pupil and then a fleck of green so for some reason assumed this was the colour of her eyes. Sorely wrong - they're brown.

Grr so all that work had gone to waste, but at least I'd realised my mistake before it was too late. Sorry Ambra - your eyes are obviously brown.

And this got me thinking - everybody's eyes are a mix of different colours, so I'm not such a tired idiot! I always thought my eyes were pure blue, but other's say grey and then on holiday I was told green! Noo, not green - that's my sister's eye colour. Ahhh! Run!!

So here's a contest for you:
Describe your eye colour WITHOUT using the name of a colour. E.g. my eye colour is: Ocean Fizz. Be as creative as you can and the person who is most creative I will do a blog entry on their blog. Open today until Wednesday!


Kirsty said...

Ambra's eyes look really pretty green as well as brown :) hehe x

I can't wait for Tuesday, some serious shopping needs to be done! If we have time we could go to Regents Park after if you like? :)

My eyes are dark chocolate ;) Not very creative but it sounds yummy! hehe x

~Kirsty x

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

Hmmm, mine are like a really really really dark brown, like dark chocolate but Kirsty's already said that!
so maybe 'Willy Wonka's Cocoa River'? lame i know, but yeah, lol =]