Sunday, 26 July 2009

And now I'm back. From out of SPAIN.

Yes, as you can tell I'm back from Spain.

I really enjoyed my holiday, and so much happened that if I were to give you a full day by day account I think you'd full asleep. So i'm going to comprise two lists, one with the things I liked about the holiday and another with the things I didn't like as much about holiday.

Let's start with the positives shall we?

- THE SUN. England isn't famed for it's sunshine, in fact on 8 out of 10 cats the other day, a statistic stated that the thing English people are famous for talking about is the weather. We can't help it!! The weather here is like a hormonal teenager with extreme mood swings, mostly staying on the stroppy dark and dull mood more than any other.

- THE SIGHTS. Transparent shores, yellow sands, the bluest sky and occasionally a crisp white cloud. Perfection?

- THE FOOD. Oh my lordy the food!! My stomach is seriously rumbling in the bitter memory of delicious food all holiday and then coming back to fruit in England. Ahh. Also, they sold Churros!!! I fell in love with these sugary donut sticks in America. They. were. delcious. (However, I think that American churros are better than Spanish - the ones in America are softer and have cinammon all over them- Ok. I'm going to stop there cos I could seriously go on all day debating over Churros).

- RELAXATION. After a pretty busy year it's nice to kick back and relax. Ahh, I'm looking out at my window at the grey English skies and general stuffiness of the house and I'm thinking: why did I come back?

- THE TAN. Not only does the sun clear my face right up (YAY), but I look a lot healthier with browner skin than my usual deathly pal complexion. But remember kids - use that sun tan lotion. That's right Debra - even you!

So overall I had a fabulous holiday. In fact I'd go to say I had a brilliant time for 90% of the holiday. BUT, there were some ickle things that made me miss my stuffy room back in England:

- BB gun bullet. The one thing that spoilt my day: we were queuing up for Churros and there was a fair going on (hence the Churros). Well, whilst my parents were kindly treating me I stood back and looked around at the beautiful stalls with their intricate jewellry when I felt a really sharp really quite painful *ping* on my arm. I look up at the guns all these little boys are holding, standing in front of a gun firing game. A few of them are away from the crowd and still have their guns brandished. They stare back as I look up in shock and then they laugh. For some reason I feel embarrassed and look away, but now I wish I'd given them The Finger.

- Cochroach. AHHGH! Yes, I was the one (again) who spot the cochroach. It was black and huge and in our bathroom. My dad is usually good at picking up spiders etc from us screaming girls, but you'll understand the grossness of the bug in the fact that he refused to touch it and instead brushed it out of the apartment.

- Heat. As I say - an English gal is never used to hot weather, so even though I loved it for a bit, it did get too much. The heat was so strong it was almost solid and made all of us feel very lethargic.

- Sunglasses. My most heart breaking moment was when I got onto the coach outside Majorca airport and searched in bag for my sunglasses. As the coach set on it's way to our hotel my gut wrenched in panic as I turned to my mum and almost screamed: "I'VE LEFT MY SUNGLASSES ON THE PLANE!!!!!" My mum didn't seem too bothered until she saw my upset face. I'm a sunglass addict, and I finally found my perfect pair in Topshop - the black Rayban style ones with a floral print over them. I was really upset and it also meant that I had to spend two days of my holiday squinting into the harsh light as I searched for some temporary sunglasses. We've emailed the airport by I don't think they have them. RIP sunglasses :(.

BUT!!! Overall, I had a really nice time :). It was a fabulous break and I managed to get inspired by the Spanish cuisine, weather and people.

Now - bring on Center Parcs!!


Manuel L. Rodrigues said...


yiqin; said...

AH I suck at playing pool :( Nice dress :D

nicola ticola ponders said...

cockroach = BAAAAAD, Spanish food = goooooodddd, ohhh what I would give for a spot of tapas!

thank you very kindly for the lovely compliment!

nicola xx

adubbskthx said...

SPAIN wayyy jealous!!!

I'll be in England in the fall though!

The Clothes Horse said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation indeed! Cockroaches are terrible, terrible creatures.