Saturday, 4 July 2009

My Favourites

I have so many items of mine that I'm loving at the moment... but here's 5 I'm REALLY digging...

1. My floral glasses from Topshop [plus my accessorize hat, portobello market pearl necklace AND H and M sale lace skirt ;)]

2. Life's Too Short to frost a Cupcake. Saw this in the college library and - yes, I know, - judged a book by it's title and bought it ;). It's £6.99 in shops but due to my expertise ebaying skills i managed to get it for £2.30 [and that's including postage and packaging!]

3. and 4. Nylon back copy, have wanted for ages but too expensive: Zooey Deschanel's interview in NYLON! Want to read it, but am saving it for holiday. Also, Colette's book The Vagabond. It's set in Paris, and it's making me want to go all French. Ooh La La indeed.

5. MY PYJAMAS. I couldn't resist with Lazy Oaf's Specials (all shirts £10 each instead of £24.50!!) So I bought these. I look sooo good in bed ;().

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