Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sales Fleet in Oxford Street

Yesterday I wandered up to London avec Kirsty and Sophie. We went to two art galleries which were really interesting and very different (take a video of a man dancing around naked on a TV at one gallery, and a walk in hut with a chandelier inside it in another).

Lunch was at Pizza Hut (we had Veggie Surprise or something...thinking maybe the vegetables would equal out the greasiness of the pizza. It didn't.) Absolutely delish, cept we JUST missed the lunchtime buffet gawd damn it. And the pizza took aaaaaages.

We met up with Ambra who had danced at Pineapple Studios and was really tired. However, although we were pretty exhausted we braved the sales in Topshop and H and M in Oxford street. It was sooo busy and hot, but we all bought some great finds. (Kirsty got a hat like mine!)

It was a pretty fun day, though sweltering hot. :)


Kirsty said...

Such a fun day! :)
I love your hat Madi, just had to get one for myself ;)
By the way, we should wear our hats on Tuesday evening ;) Ron can take us on a boat haha!

Kirsty .x.

Anonymous said...

Hi beautiful, what a cool blog - especially the on in England (I am from the UK)
Good fun reading, pic's n stuff!
:) Nick

Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful, this is all a gr8 blog! Especially the one from England (I am from the UK)
Great reading and pic's!
Nick :)