Friday, 10 July 2009

My eBay uploads...

After splurging on delicious items that i didn't really need, I decided to upload some more items onto ebay to make up for the items I bought.

Did anyone ever watch that programme Life Laundry? Basically, this woman went to people's houses who hoarded stuff like mad. They would have rooms and rooms of objects that they didn't use and didn't need but they just couldn't get rid of it. The Life Laundry Lady would take every single thing outside onto their garden and tell them to be RUTHLESS. They would subsequently get rid of all their junk by other recycling, giving to charity or selling at car boot sales. Ever since I watched this programme, I've tried to be really ruthless with what I didn't need. I think it's quite a good thing to be. So, I'm selling the following items on eBay that I love, but I just don't use! (technically, the top is my sisters...)

I'm also getting rid of a whole load of Lady Luck Rules Ok jewellry - I have a hell of a lot of it so I figure: make some money on the pieces I don't wear. It's actually really refreshing getting rid of things - you should try it!

I once read in a magazine that if you got rid of an item in your house everytime you bought an item in a shop, you'd feel a lot less guilty for spending your money. And that's my tip for today. ;)

Check my ebay out here.

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