Monday, 6 July 2009

Sunshine, Lollypops and- and, well Poetry.

I got an email today from the college stating: "Well done! You're in the Top 10 for the poetry competition. The winner will be decided next Monday on not only the poetry but also the performance." AAAH! Don't get me wrong - I'm pretty proud that out of the whole college students that entered the competition I'm in the top 10. But I have to admit - I'm scared.

I've no problem with talking with a small group of people.. but in front of an audience I develop a stutter, splutter and a generally red complexion. However, I shall take the challenge by the horns [correct phrase..?] and do it. DO IT! [haha Kirsty - where did this come from??]

I have a meeting tomorrow with two teachers and the competition [ggrrr mean face, mean face]. This unfortunately means that I miss out on going to the Harry Potter Premiere with Kirsty who is Rupert Grint CRAAAAAAAZY!!!

[Unfortunately I egged on this obsession by buying her the pillow. Sorry Rupert! :P]

But anyways back to poetry, I shall try to get the confidence of one of my many inspirational people: Clara Bow.

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Kirsty said...

Awh well done dudette! :D So pleased for you! Go Madi! :D You can DO IT! (;D)
I was actually thinking that if I go to the premiere tomorrow evening, I will know information for the next Harry Potter premiere so we can try and get ourselves a MUCH better spot to see Rupert!

Looking forward to Saturday and hoping to be able to get a lucky bag (Although I have not much money :S) It will still be much fun times!

See you at lunch tomorrow and continued good luck with the poetry competition!