Sunday, 5 July 2009

Junk Sale Steals

I got up early this morning (because of another Brooke drama - too much and too embarrassing to explain) so decided to mooch around a junk sale with my parents. I got treated to quite a lot of lovely stuff...

[Excuse the bra!! Also, my hand is covering up where there is a button missing... but my Nan's quite good at all that stuff so she'll fix it up in no time. Price? Drum roll please... 50 pence!]

[20 pence Birthday book - my mum encouraged me to get this because apparently hers has 'lasted me years!']

[Ok, there's quite a lot here. All the books i got were 20 pence, the two sheets of really expensive wrapping paper from Paperchase... 12 sheets for £1!! My mum got the rest for her. Also, the new Almost Famous DVD cost £2.]

The only problem with going somewhere where everything is really cheap is the disappointment in yourself you feel when you see something you bought the shops for triple the price. IE - today there was a huge stall with about a million woven hats all no more than £5!! And I bought mine for £17 in Accessorize... Gawd damn it!

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Anonymous said...

not bad for a "junk" sale!