Monday, 13 July 2009

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!


SO I was really nervous and I finally got into the theatre hall. Not many people had turned up to watch but at least my friends had!! [thanks Debra, Ambra and Dawn - Kirsty you were there in spirit].

In the end people poured in so there was about 20 people altogether. Everyone's poems were really good - I was incredibly nervous because of that. Before everyone came in we got to practice our poems at the little podium with a microphone. Incredibly, doing the one practice calmed my nerves completely. Out of 10 people, i performed at number 9. When it got to my turn, I just thought sod it - they're going to be looking at the supercool slideshow I made anyway: not at me. So i did it a lot better than I thought (although I say that - I was filmed so it could be worse than i imagined!!).

After the beginning slideshow, and the finalists poems we got to listen to great music by two girls [they were so talented, it's unfortunate I didn't get their names. I think I recognised the short haired girl from the romeo and juliet play we saw... so maybe Kirsty knows...?]. Once the judges had made their decision and the runners up were called they then said:

"And's the moment you've all been waiting for.. who the winner of the first poetry competition at this college is. I think you'll all agree this person deserves it [ :) ]... the winner is...


After that it was pretty surreal - i could NOT believe I'd won!! I was so proud :)

I won a 'poetry for life' book and £30...I think that's in vouchers but wooop!

What a thing to put on your CV.

Thank you to everyone for their support [I had both Kirsty's and Ambra's good luck cards in my bag for good luck, as well as a post-it good luck which was stuck on my sandwich from my mum]. It was nerve wracking but a really good experience. I'M SO HAPPY!!!!

In other news, I sold my soul to the devil.

That's right - I got a facebook account.


Everyone's been pressuring me for ages to get one (ESPECIALLY my mum. cringe.). So when I got in, after delirious congratulations, my mum took advantage of my good mood and said:
"Guess what. ANOTHER reason to get facebook - you can follow Nylon Magazine."

Well, i guess i was so happy and the love of Nylon made me get it.

And omg, the response I got (this is only some people. And yes, I didn't put my mum's comment down :P):

Down and out people.


Kirsty said...

Wow! You got Facebook! I read this and was really in shock forabout a minute! I signed striaght onto my account and accepted you =)
Really weel done in the poetry competition m'dear! =) Very proud of you!

I'm going to be volunteering with disabled children :) and their families over the summer which should be good =) I got some bits for my holiday today, which do indeed include two more stories set in world war two but I thought I could read one now and one for holiday! Then when we go to Center Parcs I can get another one :) I think I may try and sell some old book on ebay but I'll see what I feel like hehe!

Cya at lunch tomorrow!

Love Kirsty .x.

Kirsty said...

Sorry i don't appear to be able to type today :s That was meant to be: 'For about' 'well done' and 'Books'. Sorry about that haha!

Well done! =)

Love Kirsty .x.