Saturday, 11 July 2009

London, baby, YEAH!

This photo sums up my day:

Anyway: we met up with Debra and her super new haircut (she hates it, we love it!) travelled towards the Lazy Oaf Michael Jackson Tribute at their shop. Unfortunately, Debra had to go... but it was for a friend's birthday so we hope she had fun too!

[Above - hilarious mates]

Soooo Kirsty got us there!! (me and ambra are hopeless at travel generally, though I admit that Ambra is an ickle bit better than me.... can anyone say 'clueless'?) It was a little bit quiet for a tribute but we still had hilarious fun at Carnaby street as well as buying some rather gorgeous items.

[From Accessorize and Vintage shop. I also bought a scarf and DVD from Oxfam - my first charity purchases ever!!]

It is always hilarious times when I'm out with my college mates (espesh the 'Abbs Cross Lot' as I call Ambra, Kirsty and Sophie when they're not there. SORRY!! lol). And you know what - we laughed sooooo much but I can't for the life of me think of ANYTHING we were laughing at. [though I recall me and Ambra pronouncing the restaurant 'HaHa' in about a million different ways really loudly down a random street... and the maths quiz we gave Kirsty on the way home... hehe.]

Aw gawd my memory sucks - we did so much today and had hilarious times but all went so quickly (time flies...). So, if you want to find out more juicy facts, let me direct you to... Kirsty's Blog!! Do it. Do it now.

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Kirsty said...

What a great post for a great day! :)
The picture you've taken and edited of us is AMAZING (May be borrowing that! ;) With credit to you though dude :)

I had an amazing time yesterday so funny, except the train was beginning to annoy me haha! But the C2C train made up for it :D

Love Kirsty .x.