Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Allo Allo?

[PLEASE PRESS PLAY AND THEN READ THE post - it will given this post a much needed french feel]

Oui, oui - J'adore le francais!!

OK, that just about exhausts my french speaking...(I got a B at GCSE - but that was a year ago).

Let's start from the beginning.

[you remember Ambra, right?]

Yesterday, I went to the cinema avec Ambra. It was great seeing her - it seems like aaaages since I've seen any of my mates. We saw Year One in the end and even though it was quite crap I had a really good time. We went shopping afterwards and Ambra forced me to buy things. Ok. That was unfair. Strictly speaking she didn't force me: more encouraged me, to which I obliged to quite cheerfully... So she bought this rather gorgeous purple and black bag that was £8 but at the till went down to £2!! Lucky moo. I bought this little black and white top that i LOVEEEEE, this black cinch belt and...


I know what you're thinking - girl, it's the middle of summer and you've just bought a woollen hat (I also hope you're thinking: girl, that looks good). I have two reasons for this purchase:
1. I am rebelling against the crap summer weather. Yeah! Take that clouds and general greyness.
2. Berets are cool. Full stop.

I suddenly feel like learning french properly, not just random phrases that the French probably only use when playing Pictionary. I want to be bilingual!! I think it must be sooo cool to be bilingual. Grr and now I fancy croissants (warm moist ones with dripping butter and homemade strawberry jam and- STOP STOP!! Must. Eat. Healthily.)

In other news I have just finished the book Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon, recommended to me by none other than Kirsty. It was really good, though I haven't read a book that finishes with a cliff hanger since primary school haha I give it 10/10 for general brilliance. WIll be getting the next book methinks. Omg and Kirsty actually got messaged on Facebook by Paige Toon. If you want to meet celebrities, befriend Kirsty: she has contacts coming out of her ears!! Seriously. It's incredible.

Anyhoo I have to get back to my eBay business to make up for all the money I spent yesterday.

Au revoir, mes amies.


Anonymous said...

haha the music is corny but awesome

love your beret!

adubbskthx said...

love the music! It totally put it into perspective haha.

love the beret and the lip color you have on!