Friday, 5 June 2009

Crafty Cow

[Ready for some crafting]

[Cutting and folding]
[Using Clara to keep the glued card flat. Clara Bow's biography is a fascinating book - read it!]
[Outlining and gluing]

So I didn't have much to do this afternoon, and I was feeling creative so (also in a very generous mood) I offered to jazz up a present my sister had got for her friend Nicole. She had just written on a piece of paper that she had given Nicole tickets to Dublin for a girly weekend. I decided it was my chance to test out this exploding box class . It worked out alright actually but we know who's going to get the credit for it...

[making the lid out of sturdy card]

[The box is ready!! Now for some decorating...]

[Getting book to rewrite her messages on the box]

[Finding some pictures and printing them out]

[Yes, my room got very messy!!]
And the final result in this video, so you can get the whole picture of how the exploding box works:

Love and glue-y hands,


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Kirsty said...

This is clever stuff! You are really creative! :)