Sunday, 21 June 2009

Maybe it's because I'm a RANDOMER!

Ok so what a really random week. We went back to college for three days (and the worst 3 days of my college life ever); then moi et the girls went to Portobello Market/ London generally and had a brilliant time. Then I went to Megan's 17th Birthday and - finally - yesterday Kirsty came round and we were in the mood for some DRAMA!!! So we made a little parody show which is below.

And btw - if you want to find any of my videos of youtube just type in (or copy and paste from this as it'll probably be easier): ZIRLINKSKI and you'll find my vidz ;)



Kirsty said...

:D :D :D :D
Wow!! your editing skills re AMAZING Madi!
Such a fun day :) Every time I watch that I crack up laughing lol. Its soooooo good you got the Apprentice music! LOVE IT!!
Cya on Tuesday! Can't wait! I also don't have college on Tuesday, so I'll meet you at the cinema at 3pm :)
Kirsty .x.

chrissythreads said...

That video was brilliant,just loved it.

Kirsty said...

Still loving the video! :D Just cracks me up!!!!!!!
'Jam?' and 'Down those apple and pears!' Soooo good! Next time we should make a second random video ;)
See you tomorrow!
Kirsty .x.