Thursday, 18 June 2009

Blog Life Lesson Number 1

BLOG LIFE LESSON NUMBER ONE: All that schools, colleges etc care about are GRADES, not the pupils. Don't be fooled.

Cynical right? Hey - I didn't write this lightly. I've had a LOT of experiences to back it up. But, most recently, my worst.

I won't go into any gory details but let me make a formal statement:

As a COLLEGE student, I got promised to be treated as an adult. Generally in life there is the freedom of CHOICE. So if I choose to NOT do something anymore (and the college allows us to do this) I do not expect three teachers to have a go at me for a collective amount of 30minutes. And make me cry.

Yeah, I know - what a wimp. But generally I don't like confrontations, and it really upset me that these people were talking to me quite rudely. [I got called 'stubborn for the sake of being stubborn', was told that the 'mature' way to go about the situation was to not do what I was doing, that I would be 'letting the group down' and a hell of a lot more of the above. Things keep comign back to me now and I just get so angry. The person even went: "I can see you're getting upset but..." and continued. Thanks for that.].

So after these two people had a go ["I know it seems like we're ganging up on you but..."] I decided to go to the person who I'm supposed to be able to confide in and get help. He basically said: "Yeah I agree. It's a NO." I didn't cry this time, but hell did I get angry. I walked out ready to shout at anyone who did anything to aggravate me. I was so angry and frustrated. College obviously doesn't support it's students very well - I didn't get any advice, I was spoken to rudely, treated like a child and - finally - got THREE no's to signing a form that the COLLEGE HAD CREATED so I could this thing that I wanted to.

Sorry - had to vent out somewhere...

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the only people I can rely on in college - my friends. Thank you to Kirsty, Debra and Dawn who were there with me and supported me.

George, Smint and Shortie ;)

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Kirsty said...

Awh thanks dudette! Don't worry about Sociology hunni your clever and they were so mean to you yesterday making you cry! I'm always here for you :)