Monday, 1 June 2009

Once upon a time


[Or probably just Kirsty.]

Where to begin...

Ok. How about:

GEORGE LAMB - that's right we SAW him at... wait for it... at the BLOOMING CLOTHES SHOW...
[ Unfortunately most of the photos were an ickle blurry, therefore this is the clearest which was a photo that was above his head :) ]

And did I mention that I have now had my back touched by Nicky from 10 Years Younger... and the Hairspray Musical Cast...?

Don't get TOO jealous, because - alas - I was soon plummeted back to reality (not before going to a fabulous 21st Birthday Party the day after the Clothes Show) by having a freaking AS Level Media exam.
But that was my last exam so... yay for no exams!!
I guess this is a pretty crappy way to start a blog (boasting about my celebrity 'friends', depressing talk of exams and whatnot) so perhaps I should lay down a few facts:
I. Am. Madison.
Nice to meet you :)
I'm at College.
(This means I am 17)
I like writing.

Well that pretty much sums me up for now ( I do paint quite a picture ). And on that note let me leave you with one last photo (I know - another one ... my photobucket account is pretty exhaustive).

Au Revoir World

[or probably just Kirsty]


1 comment:

Kirsty said...

Ohhhh George! ;)
Loving the blog dudette!
Yay! You got a blog I'm very happy now :D :D
I'm looking forward to London trip on Saturday like normal :) We can put pictures on Madi ;)

I be following you now to :)

Speak soon bye .x.