Thursday, 11 June 2009

Cinema, Ebay and Shopping

So over the last three days I have:
  1. Gone to the Cinema avec Courtney, Sophie, Debra, Ambra, Kirsty, Dawn :) We were incredibly indecisive and after going to sainsburys, coming back and waiting for Courtney to arrive we STILL couldn't decide. It was a flick between Night at the Museum 2, Drag me to hell ("NO!!!" - Kirsty), or Last Chance Harvey (I said a big NO to this one - saw a clip of it on Jonathan Ross and it looks cringey and - quite frankly - crap). And then X-Men Origins: Wolverine got thrown into the mix and we were like: YES. I've already seen it before but love it so much I encouraged this choice A LOT. Plus, I don't mind giving money to the genuinely nice Hugh Jackman. It was brilliant and I even picked up the line of "I'm the best at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice" which might not mean anything to you, but I watched a parody on youtube the other day which mentionded this. The girl kept saying to him - "So what do you do?" and he keeps repeating the line above. It's quite funny :)

  2. The second out of these past three marvellous days I've had was spent Ebaying :). That's right - I earned £15 this week :). I wrapped up the items and posted them today - hope they arrive safely :)

As you can see my room is becoming quite consumed with this here lil business:

3. And then today I went shopping avec Megz and had a great time. We shopped around, debated what to buy and then ate some DELICIOUS food in BHS (sandwhiches, sausage rolls, cookies and danish pastry with mouthwatering melting icing adorned on it's surface. Um..yum anyone...???!) Megan got the black shoes and sunglasses she wanted whilst I bought a hat. For any of you people of the dark hair know how easy it is to get sunstroke in the sun (it happened to moi last week) because our hair is so bloody dark and it attracts the sun. This therefore gives me justification on buying a £16 hat. But it's so darn cute!! Also, when I got home a package had arrived and my mum had treated me to eyeko cream and lip balm !! YES!

A pretty fabulous three days, I have to say.

Love and Danish Pastries,



Kirsty said...

OH MY ACTUAL WOW! I LOVE YOUR HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did that come from Accessorize because when I was in there yesterday I saw one very similar to that and I was half tempted :) Btw they sell Geek glasses in Claires (I remember you looking them up on your EBAY account) :)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow! :) Guess what?
Lost! magazine is still not out :o this is not amusing! lol.
Cya tomorrow George ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome hat! you wear it well

i actually liked last chance harvey, its cute and quirky

Rogue said...

I found your blog via ebay :) love it!