Sunday, 28 June 2009

Thank George It's Friday

SO Yesterday went to TGIF's in London avec Kirsty and Amy (or Amie - I still don't get which way she spells it :S). It was pretty damn hilarious ;) [IE Guess what they're thinking game included: "I'm secretly a spy"; "I'm going to keep on smiling so they can't see my pain"; "No one know's we're we're going down the back alley"; and finally "MUM! I told you not to put my white boxers in the dark wash". Hirarious].

It was a sweltering train journey up to London but during TGIF's [we all had burgers] it started to chuck it down! And I was only in my lil dress. We had an interesting conversation with the waitress who stated that she was from Brazil - imagine how she felt about this weather.

After dancing in the rain for 10 minutes (and waving at - we think - tourists on a coach. I stand by believing they were tourists because if they were English they wouldn't have waved back with so much passion. They were all waving to me and Amy's gleeful waves whilst Kirsty cringed ;P) we decided to go for a lil trot through leicester square, then H&M [bought a top and skirt for a tenner] and then onto Covent Garden. It was hirarious.

Amy departed leaving me and Kirsty to act like tourists [again] as we took ever more photos of us next to Big Ben etc. [We actually got asked by tourists where the boat with the fancy dress people was. As Kirsty explained that we saw some people in fancy dress back along the Thames, I just stood there confused. I thought the woman had said 'bar' instead of 'boat'. Anyhoo, after Kirsty explained the tourists looked at her and said: "Are you even English?"; which set us off into Hyena laughs as Kirsty explained: "Yeah I am - i'm just crap at talking."]

We also did a Michael Jackson tribute through London, singing the likes of 'Billie Jean', 'Thriller' etc as well as Boom boom pow. [Which WE think could be used in the Cats musical as a new song with the lyrical change of Boom Boom Meow].

Another incredibly funny day. [BTW: well done to Kirsty for surviving her first driving lesson yesterday].

Oh, also apologies for no photos - will add some later - my PC is doing a crazy thing in the fact that IT IS NOT UPLOADING ANYTHING. Ass.

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