Friday, 12 June 2009

The romance, the hang over and the kids book

Woke up, ate icing, posted bows online and now I'm craving films...

The first out of the films I want to see is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE:

This just looks like one of those random films that is going to be treasured forever. I've never read the book but the trailer looks so endearing - someone please come see it with me ;)

Second film I want to see is one I've been waiting for for aaaages:

I'm a big Zooey Deschanel fan and so can't wait for this to come out. However, I think I read somewhere that it's not coming over to England until November. The lucky ole Americans get it in July/August methinks ( in SUMMER). Grrr.

And this just looks incredibly funny:

I'm really in the mood for these films and have gone back to my obsession of looking at pretty much EVERY SINGLE trailer there is on Ahh - there's too many good films.

Oh, and did anyone get to see Watchmen? I wanted to but because I'm 17 instead of 18 never got to!

Other films I want to see: Coraline, Sunshine Cleaning, Adventure Land, Harry Potter, Toy Story 3, any films you wanna see?

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Anonymous said...

oh where the wild things are looks amazing, almost too good to be true

500 days of summer is also on my must-see list