Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Day of Randomness

Today has been a bit random. First I wake up at 10:00 (I know, but it's the first time in my two week break I've had a lie in) and what has arrived in the post but my new purse - Union Jack Style. It's smaller then I thought but it's just too darn cute :) .

Ok, so then I got downstairs and my mum is in serious decorating mode. She has always been into making and decorating cakes (since my first birthday, no less) but recently has been in uber cake mode. I tell her she should go into business but oh no, she doesn't charge for her cakes at all (just asks the person to buy the ingredients). Currently she is making/decorating three cakes for: my Uncle Kevin's 50th, his partner's parents 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary, and his almost father in law's 75th. Which are shown below:

[Due to the 75th cake being sponge instead of fruit it hasn't been made yet as it needs to be done nearer the party.]

Recently, she also made a really great 21st birthday cake for both my sister and her friend Laura. They are really well done and delicious :) . Go into business mum!!

After having a breakfast of cookies and leftover icing (bang goes eating healthily), I showered, ate some more and am now currently tending to my business (if you can call it that haha) of ebay. I've now uploaded more than 60 items.

[Shop for my ebay items here]

I'm a little worried to be honest: once my ebay auctions start to finish, I'm going to be in the post office practically everyday sending over 10 items each time. Now, the post office people are ok-ish (as long as you get the woman - the man is gruuuuuuumpy) but even the lady post office person gets annoyed. She seems to be really jolly with the people in front of me but as soon as I come along she has a facial expression that screams blankness. Also, I don't seem to be quick enough for her - I have to multitask by taking the sticker/stamp from her, taking and sticking the stamp or whatever to that particular package at the same time as then putting another parcel on the scales. I can almost see her tapping her feet with impatience as I juggle 10 parcels on a 30cm by 30cm tabletop. Grrr... I'll just have to wait and see...

Love and blue and yellow icing,



Kirsty said...

OMG! How good are those Cakes :O Yes Madi your mum defo needs to start a cake making business they look soooooo nice! :)
I'm liking the new purse are you bringing it tonight?
I've just had my coms. exam :s don't know how it went but you no! I've got something funny to tell you tonight! :)
BYE!!!!! .x.

Anonymous said...

yum! this is kind of ironic that you posted on this now, my family is currently in cake conundrum for my birthday this thursday. I tried to order one of my favorite cakes from a local bakery, but they refused to make it before Friday ugg

chrissythreads said...

The cakes look wonderful. I agree your mum should do it professionally and judging by your entrepreneurial spirit she already has a good promotional manager in the family.