Monday, 8 June 2009


Yes sirree have uploaded more items on my ebay (after spending more money that I don't have shopping today:) ). So, here they are (and the one above :) ):

These are my top 5 fave items on my ebay at the moment, but I'm selling over 40 items so check them all out here.

So, otherwise from shopping and reading Nylon, I have just lazed around. Urgh I hate wasting my time but I'm sooo lazy when I've got nothing planned so kind of just slob around :(. Tomorrow will be different. Shall exercise, go to Dawns and perhaps take a leaf out of Kirsty's book and learn to cook... maybe.
Anyone watching the Apprentice? Shock result: Yasmina won! I admit I was rooting for Kate all the way, but suddenly in the last two weeks Yasmina got really good and I think she deserved it. They were both on Chris Moyles this morning and it was hilarious (as usual) as Chris became certain that Yasmina had the hots for him because "she wasn't repulsed by me, which I always take as good".

[Kate and Yasmina]

Love and Nylon flicking,


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Kirsty said...

Awh thanks for the comment dude! :)
I'm liking the items your selling on EBAY! If my feet were smaller I would buy those shoes :) The last Ashes to Ashes tonight for this series! You watching? I also love your bracelet your selling! :D
Cya tomorrow my nylon loving friend ;)