Thursday, 18 June 2009

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

After a pretty crappy day at college, I was invited by Kirsty to see Romeo and Juliet in the park [Anyone heard of it?? hehe]. We were worried all day that it was going to rain but thankfully it didn't.

Now, even though I'm a literature student and I LOVE to read, Shakespeare has always confused me and I have never particularly liked his writing. But - I don't know whether it's because I'm older or the fact that I was there with a mate - I really really enjoyed it last night. I think the grueling GCSE Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet texts put me off Shakespeare a bit (Let's face it, when you have a discussion over every quote in any book it's going to make you bored.)
I really enjoyed it (thanks for inviting me Kirsty), and although we got the giggles after the break [you know the ones - where you're trying so hard not laugh that you start to breathe really juddery. Then you can't look at the person you're laughing with - i.e. Kirsty - cos you see them trying not to laugh and that makes you want to laugh harder]. Thankfully, after the person we were laughing at [not meanly, I promise] 'died' in the play, it got a lot easier.
When Juliet killed herself and lay on Romeo I thought it was really beautiful how she positioned herself on him - like they were embracing and just napping. [After this point there seemed to be a LOT of speeches, so this was the only part I got bored with].
Suddenly it dark, the cast had bowed and I got a lift home from Kirsty's parents [thanks!] and I was home.
Thy love and cookies,

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Kirsty said...

:) This was such a good night! Romeo was just a tad 'camp', bless him lol.
Cya tomorrow!