Friday, 5 June 2009

Obsession of the week...

EYEKO is what I'm completely obsessed over this week...

I first discovered this lovely make-up company in a magazine but only bought my first items at the CLOTHES SHOW. I now have the Vamp Polish (above) and the Creamy Cupcake lip gloss (below) that smells like CHOCOLATE!

I know it's bad but I'm so obsessed: I want EVERY SINGLE ITEM THEY SELL!!! (who said I wasn't spoilt...) But because I'm (always) broke, I've decided to treat myself to an item everytime I sell something on ebay (grr - spending my money before I've even got it... not a good habit.) But look at these lovelies:

Ahh, I'm obsessed!
Love and Eyeko Goodies,
P.s All photos taken from the eyeko website:

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