Sunday, 28 June 2009

Latest Obsession

I first heard about this wonderful band when I accidently recorded a show they were on on V+. I watched it in wonder as a mysterious - and seemingly shy - redhead belted out a song that belongs in another world. There's something very unique about her = and definitely her voice, and I love her music!!

Being Nylon, the best magazine in the world, there was an article about Florence and the machine and it was really interesting. Florence claims that she had 'Singing Tourettes' in school as she wouldn't be able to stop singing and would always get told off for it. She also revealed that her first success was when she was drunk in a nightclub's toilets and someone overheard her and booked her for a party.

She also appeared on Jonathan Ross this week. Thus her music is my latest obsession.

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Kirsty said...

Very true! They are AMAZING! I was listening to their songs all morning today haha!
Also was very delighted that Rupert was in the Daily Mail today ;) Very nice but I don't know what he has done to his hair :s bless him!